The insanity…. hearsay is hearsay. I analyzed behaviors of an individual who honestly is a cyber stalker. At this point everyone knows it’s obvious to the point of reaching a successful plateau in entertainment, careers in very amazing places to meeting someone of your dreams, has people finally realizing and talking asked other artists apparently there is a group. But the focus is always on love and truth correct…


Sometimes, it’s the person you least expect it to, who has nothing to lose but to find ways to jeopardize a relationship but not a marriage. To get the benefits it’s self chaotic. The fear of cyber technology and these hackers , have targeted my loved ones. But guess what still married that’s heart. FB terrifying. Here at least, it’s a safer platform. As a musician, artist, and writer and yes published a book of songs currently felt it’s best to get a group of like mind friends, change my # and be busy. It’s time.